Your Cleaning Is Making A Difference

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Smiling–A free stress reducer

Research has found that smiling will affect the mood of people around you, can help slow your heart rate and make you feel more relaxed.  The Wall Street Journal has written an article on how a genuine smile can affect the heart. At Suter Brook Dental Group, we have lots of services a

Why should we smile?

A big smile is a universal sign for showing happiness, but there’s so much more behind your smile.  Not only can it affect  your mood, but it can lift the mood of the people around  you.  Here are 10 reasons how your smile can affect your health and are great reminders why we sh

Whitening your teeth–the natural way

It’s hard to not love to the look of a bright, white smile.  If you want to try a natural way of whitening your smile before committing to having it professionally done, we’ve found some good suggestions.  Woman’s Day magazine has a great article with useful tips, in
zoom whitening

How Can Zoom Whitening Change Your Smile?

Looking to have a whiter and brighter smile for the sunny summer days that are now upon us?  The summer is the perfect time to reveal a bright, confident smile.  If you’ve been hiding your stained smile, perhaps it’s time to look into you whitening options.  At Suter Brook
bad oral habits

Bad Oral Habits: What Do You Do Best?

How often do you brush your teeth per a day? If you say that you brush at least once a day and you think that it is enough, you know that you are not doing enough to take care of your oral health. Do you visit your dentist often? If you choose not to, you must be prepared to face all
traditional vs. electrical toothbrush

Traditional Or Electric Toothbrush?

Did you know that it was in the 1960s when electric toothbrushes were first introduced to the market? And yet despite that, a lot of people still chose traditional toothbrushes because the original electric toothbrushes were ineffective and caused a lot of mechanical troubles (imagine
proper way to floss

What Is The Proper Way To Floss?

Do you floss? Although there is a misconception that flossing is similar to using a toothpick to remove the food residue stuck between teeth, flossing does far more than that — which is why dentists continue to recommend flossing as part of a healthy oral health care routine. Yo
healthy food for your teeth

Healthy Food To Eat For Strong, Beautiful Teeth

Your diet — especially your choice of foods you snack on from time to time — affects the kind of oral health that you have, so it’s no wonder that when you love to eat sweets like chocolates and candies, you might have to deal with toothaches more often than someone
natural stains on your teeth

Natural Stains on Your Teeth

People often think that stains on the teeth only come from poor oral hygiene. Although poor oral hygiene is the main contributor, the fact remains that even the best and most taken care of teeth become discoloured over time. Teeth can become stained from a number of substances such as