Sedation Dentistry: Conquering Dental Phobia [VIDEO]

Suter Brook Dental Group

April 26, 2012

Dental phobia is something various people experience, but it shouldn’t keep you from getting the oral care you need. The sedation dentistry experts at Suter Brook Dental Group in Port Moody can help you conquer your fears by making a visit to the dentist a relaxing place to be.

Why to Conquer Dental Phobia

Before negative thoughts take you over, you need to know that dental treatment is a significant component in your overall health. Avoiding dental issues will result in a more serious problem and easier and less expensive treatment options will become available at that point. If cavities are left alone, the decay can get worse and lead to root canals, infections, and you might even lose your teeth. Gum disease is harmful and can cause tooth or bone loss if it is not treated, so it is imperative that you get your regular checkups.

For people who have fears of the dentist, specific sights, sounds, and smells can be traumatizing and increase anxiety. If a patient feels out of control, they may leave the appointment to never return. To avoid this outcome, be sure to talk to the sedation dentistry experts at Suter Brook Dental Group in Port Moody about your needs so you can be in control of your dental appointment. If you don’t tell your Suter Brook Dental Group dentist about your issues, they’ll think that you’re comfortable and at ease and not know anything is wrong.

How to Eliminate Dental Phobia

At any time during your procedure you need to take a break, you can invent a code with your dentist so you won’t feel helpless once the procedure begins. If you want to use non-verbal communication during your appointment, your dentist can give you a pen and paper at the start of your appointment.

You may also want to take some time to sit down and analyze what bothers you about going to the dentist. Caffeine can add to people’s stress because it makes people jittery or on edge. Also, make sure you allot yourself enough time to get to the dentist or even arrive early, because arriving late may add to your stress. If you get there very early, take a book or iPod with you to distract you from your upcoming procedure.

Sedation Dentistry for Dental Phobia

If you think there is no solution for your dental phobia, it’s time to discover sedation dentistry. Simply sit down in the dental chair, relax and get all your dental work done in one easy session. At Suter Brook Dental Group in Port Moody we offer sedation dentistry options for your ultimate comfort. With sedation dentistry, you will “wake up” refreshed, renewed and with a brand new smile!

If you want to forget your dental phobia, we here at Suter Brook Dental Group in Port Moody can guarantee you will receive a relaxing and timely session with sedation dentistry. Contact us for an appointment today. 

Below you’ll find a video that dispels common sedation dentistry myths: