What’s in Your Child’s Lunchbox: List of Candy to Avoid

Suter Brook Dental Group

October 27, 2011

With the school year beginning again in Port Moody, kids are once again gearing up for sugar-filled lunches and candy bar recess treats. For parents, it may be hard to control what goes into your child’s mouth and what kind of dental damage may occur.

list of candy to avoid
“If your children just cannot resist a special desert with their mealtime, there are ways to minimize damage to teeth.”

At Suter Brook Dental we have developed a candy guideline, helping parents make informed decisions when it comes to preparing lunchbox treats for kids to enjoy.

Of course, completely eliminating candy from the meal plan is always the ideal way to save yourself and your family the expense and pain of dental cavities. However, if your children just cannot resist a special desert with their mealtime, we have some tactics to help minimize damage to teeth.

(This guide can also be useful for those adults with a sweet tooth!)

The Sweetest Sin

According to Dr. Andrea Dernisky, some of the worst candy for kids to consume is sour candy. The acids that are found in the candy can work to seriously damage your child’s pearly whites by dissolving enamel instantly.

In addition, hard and chewy candies are some of the worst sugar treats for your teeth. The bottom line being: the longer sugary sweets remain in your mouth, the more harmful the effects are to teeth and gums.

Lastly, and most surprisingly, raisins are a key link to causing dental problems. This is due to the fact that raisins are sticky, leading them to get caught in and can be damaging to past dental work such as retainers, fillings, Invisalign, or braces.

The Runners Up

While still not great for your teeth, candy bars are not found to be a leading cause for tooth decay. This is due to the fact that most candy bars are eaten quickly, allowing for less time for sugar to cause acid buildup.

Along with chocolate bars, powder candy is not nearly as bad for your teeth as most people would assume. Similar to chocolate, powdered sugar is typically swallowed quickly, meaning it will not stay in contact with teeth for a long time.

Best Choice

Not surprisingly, the best sweet treat for children and adults alike is sugar-free candy and gum. Products with the ingredient Xylitol can actually prevent cavities by triggering an increase in the production of saliva thus eliminating harmful bacteria.

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