Root Canal Treatments in Port Moody

If the root of a tooth becomes inflamed or infected, it can be a very painful and uncomfortable experience. We provide root canal treatments right here in our dental offices located in Suter Brook Village. Our experienced dentists can help save the tooth that is infected and keep your smile intact!

When Root Canals Are Used

A root canal is a fairly common dental procedure performed by a dentist or endodontist. Our team of general dentists has plenty of experience in carrying out root canal procedures, which we can perform in our dental office with a local anesthetic.

The pulp inside the teeth contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. It is also susceptible to infection, which can occur due to injuries to the teeth, including chipping or cracking. Other dental treatments may also cause slight impacts to a tooth or teeth, causing an infection. Root canal procedures preserve the natural tooth by removing infected pulp from inside the tooth and sealing the “canals.”

Signs and Symptoms of Infections

Many patients who come to Suter Brook Dental Group in need of a root canal treatment have sharp pain in the teeth or gums and a greater sensitivity to hot and cold food and drink. The pain is typically felt most severely when biting or chewing. You may also notice that your gums are darkened around the area. Finally, chips or cracks in the affected tooth can be a sign of infected tooth pulp.

Other Treatment Options

In some cases, our dental team may assess your condition and recommend alternative treatment options. A typical alternative to a root canal treatment is the extraction of the tooth. After a tooth is removed, it can be replaced with a restorative treatment such as a dental bridge, a dental implant or a partial denture.

If you have questions about your treatment options, including the costs, healing time, and risks, be sure to ask your dental team directly. We are always happy to answer questions about your specific treatment plan.

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