Healthy Food To Eat For Strong, Beautiful Teeth

Suter Brook Dental Group

May 9, 2013

Your diet — especially your choice of foods you snack on from time to time — affects the kind of oral health that you have, so it’s no wonder that when you love to eat sweets like chocolates and candies, you might have to deal with toothaches more often than someone who’s not into sweets. It is important that you give yourself and your teeth the right about of vitamins and minerals that you and they need to stay healthy. In fact, your body requirements may be more similar than you think: some foods that are good for your bones and muscles may be the same food that your teeth need to fight cavities and stay strong.

Although you may take in a lot of supplementary medications, it is only really natural food which can truly provide your body with what it needs. To be able to maximize the benefits of these foods, it is important to keep in mind what you need to eat so that you can target the needs of most parts of the body including your dental health.

Here are the top foods that should be included in your list of foods for a healthy mouth and a healthy whole body.

  • You can never go wrong with green leafy vegetables. They contain plenty of Vitamin A and B, which your gums need to keep them healthy and to prevent them from swelling or excessive bleeding.
  • Did you know that genuine whole wheat cereals contain vitamin B, which keep your lips from drying out?
  • Citrus fruits are a good source of vitamin C, which gives your immune system the boost that it needs. You will have healthier gums if your body gets the right amount of vitamin C.

So make sure you look out for these healthy foods next time you’re at the grocery store. Your teeth will thank you!

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