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Excellent dental hygiene leads to a brighter, healthier smile. Regular appointments with our knowledgeable dental hygienists can prevent oral health issues from developing and boost your overall quality of life. We look forward to seeing you in the dental chair at your next appointment!

The Importance of Dental Hygiene

Oral health problems such as tooth decay and gum disease can become roadblocks to everyday activities such as chewing, swallowing, speaking, and smiling. In-office dental hygiene procedures from one of our highly trained dental hygienists can keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy. Our dental hygienists aim to leave your mouth feeling refreshed every time you visit us for your oral hygiene care needs. Good oral health starts here!

What to Expect

Patient comfort is one of our top priorities. If you have questions about your appointment or dental hygiene treatments at any time, speak with our dental professionals directly. We are always happy to answer questions and accommodate requests when possible. 

At your first appointment, we will examine your dental history and general health, including any medical conditions. This will help us deliver a more personalized and informed level of care.

Depending on your specific needs, you may receive various dental hygiene treatments at your appointment. Your dental hygienist will explain all treatments before delivering them and ask for your consent. Treatments may include: 

  • Fluoride treatments 
  • Basic oral cancer screening, in which the mouth tissues, head, and neck are examined for any abnormalities
  • Scaling and root planing for gum disease

Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene at Home

Oral health starts at home! Our team of professional dental hygienists are eager to provide you with the tools and education you need to come into your next appointment smiling wide.

Here are a few general tips for maintaining your oral hygiene at home: 

  • Brush your teeth regularly using fluoride toothpaste to protect your tooth enamel.  
  • Remember to use a soft-bristle toothbrush to gently brush your gums, especially if you are at risk of developing gum disease. 
  • Floss your teeth at least once a day to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. If you find regular dental floss difficult to use, plastic flossers are better than no floss at all! 
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Remember, raw and crunchy fruits and vegetables are great for keeping your teeth in good condition!
  • Stay up to date with your dental exams, dental hygiene appointments, and recommended dental treatments in your treatment plan. Prevention is always more effective than restoration. 

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Our dental office offers a warm and welcoming environment with enthusiastic dental professionals. We look forward to providing you with everything you need to keep your teeth bright, shiny, and healthy!

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