123 Dentist Community Dentist Network

At Suter Brook Dental, we’re very proud and fortunate to be members of BC’s 123 Dentist Community Dentist Network.

123 Dentist is an online network of community dentists gathered together because of their ongoing commitment to their neighborhoods and communities. Each is selected for inclusion partly because they are a modern and caring dental facility, as well as because they deliver an exceptional level of service. The network simplifies the search for a dental provider for residents who have recently relocated to the Port Moody area, as well as for those individuals who need a change and are searching for a new dentist. Membership in 123 Dentist goes hand-in-hand with the commitment to practicing modern dentistry in a safe environment.

The 123 Dentist Promise

We promise to listen to our patients. From the very first time a patient connects with any of the practices in our 123 Community Dentist Network, we will listen to our patients’ needs and tailor their care to the input we receive. Our goal is to provide our patients and their families with dental care available, in a warm and supportive environment.

We promise to educate our patients. We give our patients the tools and advice they need to prevent dental disease – and we do so without confusing jargon. We’ll invest the time it takes so that our patients are comfortable, confident, informed, and empowered.

We promise to be family friendly. The practices in our network are family-friendly and designed to be a place where kids want to come and visit.

We promise to have ultra-modern, relaxing practices. Our dental practices reflect modern design and décor to create a soothing, modern ‘spa-like’ look and feel. We invite our patients to consider us as their home away from home, and to consider us a part of their family.

We promise to use leading edge technology. The skilled use of leading edge technology enables us to solve our patients’ dental and overall health needs in a rapid, comfortable, and safe manner.

We promise to support our patients’ mobile lifestyle. Patients who relocate can easily have their patient file transferred to another practice in our 123 Community Dentist Network. We handle all of the paperwork.

Visit our Port Moody Dentist profile on 123dentist.com.